Our solution tariffs

Smart FEED for Google Shopping and Smart BID for AdWords tariffs

As a Google partner, Twenga Solutions takes a commission of 15% in management fees on the entrusted advertising spend. Smart FEED and Smart BID are billed separately and there is a £10 VAT excl. minimum management fee for each of our solutions.

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Twenga Solutions management fees are equivalent to a small percentage of your monthly advertising spend. Find out more ⤍

Smart FEED is available from £300 of advertising spend per month.
Smart BID is available from an advertising spend of £500/month.

Monthly Google Shopping or AdWords advertising spend Twenga Solutions management fees
From £0.00 to £10,000 15%
More than £10,000.00 Contact us

Calculation example:

An e-retailer has an advertising budget of £1200 a month and trusts management of this to Twenga Solutions.
Mangement fees are calculated as follows: 1200 x 0.15 = £180VAT excl.

Smart LEADS tariffs for the Twenga network

Dynamic pricing: Cost per Click (CPC) specific to each click in order to optimise your ROI

Twenga contains over 75,000 categories in order to best index your products and target potential customers at the finest level possible. However, the cost per click given must be relative to the value generated by each click. This is why Smart LEADS offers a dynamic pricing system, which enables CPC to be adjusted for each click in relation to its conversion potential. By adapting cost of traffic according to the affinity between your products and user profiles, we automatically optimise your acquisition costs and ROI.

You're able to define a monthly spending limit. You define your budget; we take care of the rest.

Select product universe:

Universe Minimum CPC Average indicative CPC Maximum CPC
Appliances £0.01 £0.25 £2.46
Audio - Video £0.01 £0.26 £2.62
Cars - Motorbikes £0.01 £0.15 £1.48
Computers £0.01 £0.26 £2.62
Fashion £0.01 £0.19 £1.88
Food and Drink £0.01 £0.20 £2.00
Furniture £0.01 £0.23 £2.28
Garden - DIY £0.01 £0.24 £2.36
Health - Beauty £0.01 £0.29 £2.88
Homewares £0.01 £0.22 £2.24
Jewellery £0.01 £0.19 £1.94
Kids & Baby £0.01 £0.19 £1.90
Leisure - Hobbies £0.01 £0.19 £1.94
Lingerie £0.01 £0.18 £1.80
Pets £0.01 £0.22 £2.20
Phones £0.01 £0.22 £2.20
Photo £0.01 £0.25 £2.46
Sports £0.01 £0.18 £1.76
Supplies £0.01 £0.23 £2.28
Toys - Games £0.01 £0.17 £1.72
Video gaming £0.01 £0.15 £1.52
Weapons £0.01 £0.22 £2.20
Adult Zone £0.01 £0.15 £1.46

Our tariffs are organised per universe into minimum CPC (Min), maximum CPC (Max) and indicative average (Avg).

Max CPC = limit applied to clicks for which users have a strong intention to buy, and for offers with high value or performance.
Min CPC = applied when estimated conversion potential is weak.
Average indicative CPC = a CPC found by our merchants to have standard price positioning and conversion performance. These details are for information purposes only and are not contractually binding.