• What do I need to do?

    With Shopping Push, Twenga Solutions facilitates access to marketing acquisition for e-commerce sites of all sizes.
    All you have to do is choose from one of our offers: Business or Starter, and let yourself be guided to create your account.
    Our solution requires no maintenance on your part:
    • With the Business offer, simply define your budget and provide us with a feed if you do not use the Shopping Push app of your e-commerce solution.
    • With the Starter offer, all you need to do is install our application via your e-commerce solution.
  • What makes Shopping Push by Twenga Solutions truly special?

    Easily showcase your products on our Price Comparison Site, established in 2006 and attracting thousands of daily visitors across 7 markets. Our advanced search engine, powered by machine learning, ensures maximum visibility for your products, placing them right in front of ready-to-purchase buyers.
    We are dedicated to bringing high-quality leads and traffic to your shop, fostering a clear and direct connection with your buyers. To achieve this, Twenga collaborates with various technological partners, ensuring your business stands out with us where the opportunities are most promising.
    This is what we'll do:
    1. Create your e-catalogue
    2. Distribute the products simultaneously in multiple placements. (*)
    3. Predict accurate conversion rate and basket value per item on a daily basis
    4. Make them visible to the most relevant buyers in our search results
    5. Boost your sales smartly
    (*): The multi-site special offer is not available as part of the Starter offer.

  • How will my products be displayed?

    Your products will be listed on www.twenga.co.uk. Once your catalogue is integrated, we'll make sure all the main product attributes are indexed into our powerful search engine to be presented in relevant search result.

  • Why is there a budget associated and what will it be spent on?

    As part of the Business offer, we determine a dynamic CPC adapted to both performance and budget. The visibility of each product varies based on the conversion rate and basket value estimated by our algorithm, which is based on both current opportunities and historical data.

  • How do I allocate my budget?

    As part of the Business offer, your dedicated and secure Shopping Push by Twenga Solutions interface will allow you to define your monthly budget. You can change it at any time and we will always set the optimal budget amount for each item in your catalogue.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our Shopping Push offer allows you to choose between:
    • the Starter offer, completely free (subject to eligibility) which allows you to list your products on the Twenga price comparator.
    • the Business offer, from £150 per month which allows you to list your products on our price comparator but also on the Twenga network. Giving you a maximized visibility.
  • What's needed to register my shop on Twenga?

    You have:
    • A shop with an online order system
    • No prohibited products: weapons, animal furs, drugs or e cigarettes in your catalogue
    • At least two payment options, including one secure option (e.g. PayPal, credit/debit card)
    • A valid email address and secure url of your shop
    You are:
    • an online retailer whose prices include VAT
    • In compliance with EU guarantees and reimbursement rules.
    • An online retailer with over 6 months of existence
    • Not an exclusive B2B retailer: Mostly B2C oriented