Shopping Premium by Twenga

Machine learning solution for your Google Shopping strategy


Expand your Google Shopping strategy

Increase your reach and maximise your revenue per sale and ROI by having Twenga run your campaign in parallel on Google Shopping

Shopping Premium

About Shopping Premium

Diversify your Google Shopping strategy by adding an artificial intelligence partner. Participate in more Shopping Units, while increasing your reach and improving the efficiency of your overall campaign

Easy set-up

Full catalogue integration within a dedicated Google Merchant account that will run in parallel to your campaign

100% Performance based model

We will only ask for a % fee when we drive you an effective sale. You decide our commission. No hidden costs

Test any time

Benchmark us to your current strategy. You'll be able to determine the right CPC and traffic cost

What makes us different?

Google CSS Premium Partner

Highest rating granted by Google and the only true Comparison Service in the market supplying smart bidding solutions since 2006

Best-in-class technology

Unique AI technology consolidated after more than 10 years of development that predicts the conversion and basket value, enriching your feed like any other solution

Zonder risico

  • CPA model / 100% performance.
  • You chose how much you want to pay
  • Reach & sales Increased at defined ROI

Expand your direct campaign and decrease your combined CoS at scale

  • Lower CoS
  • Higher Sales
  • Higher ROI

Full adaptation to your strategy

Let us know which KPI you want to optimise and we’ll develop an entire ad-hoc solution around it

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Increase number of sales

Easy monitoring of your performance

Our Twenga portal and an account manager who speaks your language will advise you, reporting your performance with full transparency

Hoe werkt het?

Our mission: Maximise your Revenue under ROI constraint

Shopping Premium

Share with us your full catalogue

Shopping Premium

Agree on a tracking method to be implemented

Shopping Premium
  1. We'll create an optimised feed
  2. Predict an accurate conversion rate and basket value per item
  3. Set a bid accordingly at the right value
Shopping Premium

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