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Smart LEADS is a completely automated qualified traffic acquisition solution, which is aimed at e-retailers of all sizes. It generates visibility and optimises advertising campaign performance, in real-time, within the Twenga network.


About Smart LEADS:

About Smart LEADS:
  • 1 Smart LEADS analyses product performance using many different indicators (conversions, average spend, best selling products...).
  • 2 Customer profiling based on 40 different factors (search history, customer type, location, time...)
  • 3 Calculate buyers' affinity with your products.
  • 4 Rank products according to performance criteria and affinity, and push those with the highest probability of generating sales. This logic is applied in real-time for each product displayed on the Twenga network.

x2 Conversion
Target highly qualified users and audiences

x3 Clients
Significantly increase your sales and client base

x6 Revenue
Optimise your cost per acquisition objectives at the finest level

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

« "Our strength, in comparison to other competitors, is our product performance, which is based on very complex algorithms. It allows for the automation of our e-retailers' advertising investments and saves them precious time. It's very motivating to work in a company with such a strong technical element: I have all the tools I need to support our clients!" »

Elena, Technical Support

Increase sales and improve revenue with a unique solution!

  • List your products on the Twenga network

    The solution allows you to export your product catalogue onto the Twenga price comparison website, and gives you access to the Twenga network for a drastic increase in visibility.

  • Personalised offers for each user

    A selection of personalised products displayed to each visitor in the Twenga network, which correspond to the buyer's profile, in order to increase engagement and conversion.

  • Dynamic pricing based on conversion potential

    Our algorithm estimates the probability of conversion for each product click. This allows us to apply a dynamic pricing system: the Cost Per Click is calculated automatically, based on the quality of generated traffic and sales potential. This allows us to significantly optimise your acquisition costs and revenue.

  • Automated control of your campaigns, based entirely on performance

    Our management interface allows you to set your performance indicators and adjust your objectives in each category of your catalogue, thanks to a practical and intuitive dashboard.

  • Automated product ranking

    Identification of the most popular and highest performing products from your catalogue in real-time, to best promote them to potential buyers in our network.

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