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Shopping Boost

How can Twenga supplement your current Google Shopping strategy?

Since September 2017, Google now allows other product search engines and price comparison sites (so-called Comparison Shopping Services or CSS) to appear on Google Shopping on retailers' behalf. Twenga was one of the first true price comparison services to gain access to this distinction.

In May 2018, Twenga becomes a Google CSS Premium Partner, the highest qualification that Google grants due to its proficiency in data management, technical competence and experienced staff

Shopping Boost

June 2017

Google fined by the European Commission for unfairly promoting its Google Shopping service

September 2017

CSSs like Twenga now have access to the Google Shopping Unit via an auction model

May 2018

Twenga becomes a Google CSS Partner Premium

September 2019

Twenga takes advantage of its mature machine learning bidding platform to launch its Shopping Boost Solution dedicated to all ecommerce players in the EU

How does it work?

Shopping Boost

...but what makes Twenga truly special?

Google CSS Premium Partner

Highest rating granted by Google and the only true Comparison Service in the market supplying smart bidding solutions since 2006

Best-in-class technology

Unique AI technology consolidated after more than 10 years of development that predicts the conversion and basket value, enriching your feed like any other solution

A supplementary and risk-free campaign

  • Keep your existing account, campaigns and contacts at Google
  • No access to your account or data needed
  • Maintain your visibility and Quality Shopping Score

Reach & sales Increased at defined ROI

Expand your direct campaign and decrease your combined CoS at scale

Full adaptation to your strategy

Let us know your KPIs and budget and our solution will converge towards these targets.

Easy monitoring of a global performance

Our Twenga portal and a dedicated account manager will assist you alongside your Google contact

No additional fees

  • No set up fees
  • No min term
  • No flat service fee
  • You can leave any time

Straightforward integration with our Tag on Google Tag Manager

You just need to import the GTM template that we’ve designed for you.

We'll promote your Shopping ads across 8 locations in Europe

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