Un Mondo di Occhiali increases the ROI of its Google Shopping campaigns by 70%

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Un Mondo di Occhiali – part of the Tuttoottica e-commerce group – was founded by a group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about the optics.

Specialised in the online sale of a wide selection of spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses, Un Mondo di Occhiali bases its strategy on customer satisfaction: personalised service and highly competitive prices.

Over the years, this e-commerce specialist has also sold a range of optical instruments such as telescopes, binoculars, monoculars and related material. Moreover, it recently expanded its offering to high and mid-range leisure products including sophisticated watches, weather stations and glasses for motorcycles and shooting.

With the aim to improve its performance and increase its notoriety, Un Mondo di Occhiali has chosen to rely on the effectiveness of Twenga and its e-commerce solutions.


To achieve its objectives, Unmondodiocchiali adopted two of Twenga’s solutions:

  • Smart BID for AdWords, a turnkey solution that dramatically increases the performance of text ads by automating optimisation and campaign management
  • Smart FEED for Google Shopping, an innovative and comprehensive solution that improves e-commerce product feeds (structure, product photos, descriptions, etc …) to improve performance

Using an advanced tracking system installed on the e-commerce site, the two solutions analyse your catalogue and the purchasing habits of your customers. Finally, Twenga Solutions’ algorithms use your data to calculate the optimal bid for each product (Google Shopping), or keyword (AdWords) and adapt them in real-time, according a users’ intention to purchase and the potential of the product in question to generate profit.


Using these solutions, the e-commerce site optimised its campaigns on many levels: increasing traffic, sales and visibly improving its ROI.

The collaboration with Twenga Solutions has enabled a significant improvement in Search Marketing campaigns. Moreover, thanks to the granular optimisation of CPCs, Un Mondo di Occhiali was able to see a reduction in CPA of 40% on AdWords and increased ROI by over 70% on its Google Shopping campaigns.



“Twenga’s SEM solutions have given greater visibility to our ads on Google and have significantly reduced acquisition costs at the same time. Thanks to a more granular optimisation of CPCs, we saw CPA’s lower and an increase in conversion rate. In addition, we are very happy with Twenga’s dashboard: precise and easy-to-read statistics help you to quickly understand the progress of the campaign.”

– Danilo Carta, eCommerce Manager at Un Mondo di Occhiali


Satisfied with the results obtained through Twenga Solutions, Un Mondo di Occhiali continues to use our solutions to boost the performance of its campaigns and as a result, its sales.


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