Smart FEED: The most advanced acquisition solution for Google Shopping

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Twenga has launched a new Search Engine Marketing solution called Smart FEED, which is now available throughout Europe. This innovative solution allows e-retailers to boost the performance of their advertising campaigns on Google Shopping, an increasingly important acquisition channel in e-commerce.


An automated and powerful solution

The choice of keywords, products, images, campaign titles and bidding level are all factors that can drastically impact the performance of Google Shopping campaigns. The new Smart FEED solution now helps retailers to master this complexity in order to increase revenue and profitability.

Smart FEED improves performance by automatically optimising campaign settings. The clients that have been testing the beta version of the solution since March 2015, have noticed a significant increase in traffic volume combined with an average of 50% improvement in profitability.

The solution uses advanced algorithms, which combine the scoring of the retailer’s individual products with customer profiles. Twenga’s predictive analytics engine uses this data to accurately estimate the customer’s intention to buy a product.

Smart FEED uses a combination of advanced technologies to optimise campaign performance on Google Shopping:

▪ Feed optimisation: Smart FEED constantly restructures product feeds by rewriting product titles and automatically selecting the best images to maximise visibility and click rate.

▪ Granularity: Bids are carefully managed per product, based on the retailer’s Cost of Sale and ROI targets.

▪ Responsiveness: The solution adjusts bids every 30 minutes to monitor the changes in buying behaviour and product availability.

▪ Saves time: The solution automatically manages negative keywords and excludes low-performing products.

▪ Targeting: Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) are automatically created to target the most engaged Internet users. This AdWords feature allows to customise ad campaigns for people who have previously visited the retailer’s site.

▪ Analysis: The Google AdWords tracking is complemented by a system called Smart TRACKING, which detects weaker signals such as displaying product pages or adding products to the shopping basket to increase performance.

“In an era where audience acquisition is becoming more and more competitive, Google Shopping is now an important e-commerce channel, although it still remains a challenge for many retailers,” explains Bastien Duclaux, CEO and co-founder of Twenga. “With our SEM platform’s advanced technology, today we can offer a powerful solution that is entirely focussed on ROI which we know is an important metric for our customers.”

Discover our new solutions

The Smart FEED solution is available throughout Europe from today. Twenga’s existing clients can now launch Smart FEED campaigns with a simple click.

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