Le Monde du Bio uses Smart BID to reduce its CPO by 65% on its AdWords campaigns

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Founded in 2005, Le Monde du Bio sells over 8000 organic and natural cosmetic products from more than 290 organic brands. Following its success in France, the site also became available in English, in order to cater to an international audience. In addition to their e-commerce site, Le Monde du Bio launched its own subscription box last year, containing high-end products that are 100% organic.

Being an important player in the sale of organic cosmetics and products online, Le Monde du Bio invests a lot into its Google AdWords campaigns, however, managing bids and campaign structure on a daily basis was particularly time-consuming.

The company therefore started looking for a solution to quickly improve performance and, more importantly, reduce its cost per acquisition (CPA) without spending so much time managing its AdWords account. Le Monde du Bio wanted to find an innovative solution to manage bids and propose actionable steps to improve its campaigns.


To fulfil these needs, Le Monde du Bio chose Smart BID, the plug-and-play solution for AdWords. This solution by Twenga allows you to improve your performance on AdWords by automatically optimising and managing campaigns. The Twenga Solutions team then carefully monitors campaigns to ensure quick performance improvement.

The Smart BID solution allowed Le Monde du Bio to rapidly optimise its KPIs, all while concentrating on its other priorities. The Twenga teams send a weekly update with numerous steps to optimise performance, such as adding sitelinks per ad group and creating specific campaigns for brands, as well as updating text ads.

Smart BID automatically manages CPCs for bids: an algorithm updates bids daily according to the most recent results, so as to find the perfect bid for maximum performance. Moreover, bids are managed at a granular (keyword) level.

The solution also automates the creation of RLSA segments and automatically adjusts bids for these audiences. Finally, the Twenga Solutions team restructured campaigns to optimise costs.


The optimisations that were put into place and the cooperation between the Twenga teams and Le Monde du Bio allowed for rapid performance improvement for its AdWords campaigns. From the second week of the campaign, conversion increased by 55% and, after one month, the CPO decreased by 65%. Finally, the algorithm allowed for Le Monde du Bio’s sales to increase by 160%.


“We were looking to improve our profitability on Google AdWords, but there are so many ways to optimise campaigns and without an expert it can be very time consuming. The idea was to find a solution that was both automated and human, with algorithmic adjustments, personalised advice and regular monitoring. We found this solution with Smart BID and we will also be extending this service to our Google Shopping campaigns.”

– Gaetan Hildene, manager at Le Monde du Bio


After these impressive results from Smart BID, Le Monde du Bio has also decided to sign for Smart FEED – the solution for Google Shopping – to generate more conversions and reach a higher return on its investment for this channel.


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