Berceau Magique uses Smart FEED to increase its revenue on Google Shopping by 45%

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In 2003, Charlotte Gaillard was pregnant with her first child and felt that there was a lack of choice for mothers and babies on the Internet. Using this as inspiration, she went on to create Berceau Magique and officially launch the website in 2004, which has continued to develop over the years. Today, the online store distributes nearly 35,000 products from over 350 brands for mothers and babies.

Berceau Magique is unique thanks to its range of original and good-quality products that you would not necessarily find on the high street. With everything from gifts to furniture and decorations for children’s bedrooms, the site is separated into 15 different sections to satisfy young and future parents. The site places great focus on customer satisfaction, provides excellent customer service and has a particularly close relationship with its clients.


Berceau Magique has used Google Shopping to display its products for a few years now because of the importance of the platform: approximately a quarter of Berceau Magique’s clicks on acquisition channels come from Google Shopping. Until now Berceau Magique had always used an agency to manage its campaigns, yet decided to test Twenga’s technology to improve the performance of its Google Shopping campaigns.

The Solution

The client chose the Smart FEED solution, which automates Google Shopping campaign management to improve performance:

  • Identifies the top performing products: The solution carefully analyses the performance of the merchant’s product catalogue to generate more sales for its most profitable products.
  • Automates campaign management: Smart FEED adjusts bids in real time for each and every product, which is based on revenue and user profiles.
  • Product feed optimisation: The solution makes sure that the client’s feed is perfectly adapted to the Google Shopping platform.

In addition to these features, Twenga’s teams also reworked Berceau Magique’s campaigns in the following ways:

  • Set up RLSA lists to segment campaigns according to users profiles and their behaviour: 248,000 audiences are currently active to target users as precisely as possible and improve performance. Bids are adjusted and challenged at product level.
  • Bids set up per device (desktop, mobile etc.) to better allocate campaign budget and adjust bids frequently.
  • Campaign reorganisation creating 1 ad group per product, which aims to give a better structure to campaigns and bids. Twenga created 290,000 ad groups in 41 campaigns to have better control overall.
  • Reworked categories and brands in order to apply specific bid rules.

The Results

Once Berceau Magique started using the solution and campaigns had been optimised, the client quickly saw a positive impact on its results. Revenue from Google Shopping campaigns increased by 45% on average, when compared to the same period in 2015. On the overhand, the amount of budget dedicated to this channel was decreased by 2%.


The company noticed that its CoS decreased by an average of 33% when compared to the same period in 2015. Its average CPA over the same period also decreased by 27%.

“We decided to use Twenga Solutions’ technology to improve our performance on Google Shopping. We particularly appreciate its ROI focused approach and the regular follow-ups from its teams. Following a 45% improvement in our revenue and a lower COS, we have chosen to continue with the collaboration.”

Laure Guiot – Acquisition Manager at Berceau Magique


Campaign Prospects

Following the success of its campaigns, Berceau Magique has chosen to continue its collaboration with Twenga to further improve its performance on Google Shopping and increase the revenue generated by this channel. With this in mind, further optimisations (mobile campaigns, specific rules for surplus stock) are currently being tested.

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