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Our solution is instantly integrated into your existing AdWords campaigns and automatically optimises your bids. Our algorithms ensure that you are always investing the right amount for each keyword. You increase revenue without spending more.

Google Adwords

A cautious and well-reasoned approach to your Google Shopping campaigns

The optimisation of Shopping campaigns is controlled: we will increase the performance progressively using your already existing campaigns. Our technology refines your product groups in order to rapidly increase your profits.

Personalised monitoring: our Account Managers accompany and guide you through all aspects of your campaigns.

A cautious and well-reasoned approach to your Google Shopping campaigns

User segmentation

The platform allows for the creation of segments based on client types and internet history, as well as your catalogue categories.

This feature allows for bidding strategy optimisation in real-time, in relation to different audience behaviour.

User segmentation

Analyse your Google Shopping catalogue

Identify easily your opportunities for improvement in order to take advantage of them immediately.

Analyse the performance of your catalogue by brand, by price level, by product, to optimize your supply management.

Analyse your Google Shopping catalogue

Keyword optimisation

Performance is constantly evaluated and your keyword base is optimised in order to detect non-profitable terms to be deleted as well as which terms should be added.

The solution also automates the management of negative keywords on AdWords.

Keyword optimisation

Automated control based on your objectives

Our management interface allows you to set your performance indicators and adjust your objectives in each category of your catalogue, thanks to a practical and intuitive dashboard.

Your follow-up tool regroups your Smart LEADS and Smart SEM solutions for simplified management.

User segmentation

+45% Additional revenue
Average additional revenue for the same amount of budget invested.

10 min. Sign-up in less than 10 minutes
Quick launch and entirely automated management.

+80% Time saved
Save more than 80% of time spent on campaign management

Simplified AdWords campaigns management

« As a young entrepreneur, it is important for me to concentrate on the most important tasks. This is why I chose Smart BID to manage my AdWords campaigns. It's a turnkey solution that is quick to install and automatically adjusts my bids in real-time, without any input from me. My campaigns are optimised according to the profit targets I set. It is so simple and saves a lot of time for someone that is not an expert in this subject. After 1 month, I have seen that this tool is also helping my sales: my turnover has rocketed! »

Elise Bonnetin, Smart BID client

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