[Video] Google Shopping – Top features that support acquisition

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As part of our partnership with PrestaShop, the open source software provider for creating and managing online businesses, we created 3 expert videos on Google Shopping.

In this series of videos, Rupesh Sharma – Director of Client Services at Twenga Solutions and SEM expert – explains how to succeed on Google Shopping through several key themes: The basics of Product Listing Ads, the rising popularity of Google Shopping for traffic acquisition and how some of the features in Google Shopping can be used to support acquisition. Rupesh also goes on to explain his 3 predictions for the future of Product Listing Ads and the outlook of the platform in 2016.

Video 2: Google Shopping – Top features that support acquisition

Video content:

The most important factor to take into account is the rise of mobile, which represents an increasing percentage of searches. In 2015, Google announced that searches on mobile outweighed those on desktop and Google executives said that shopping-related mobile searches have more than doubled in the last year. It is also predicted that 28% of retail sales are currently influenced by mobile.

However, until now, conversion rates on mobile were lower than desktop, so as well as e-retailers making their own sites mobile-friendly, Google has also been required to adapt its strategy on such devices.

As a first example, the ‘buy on Google’ button through purchases on Google, expected to arrive in Europe in 2016, will allow users to have a completely integrated buying experience on Google Shopping, which is expected to double conversion rates for e-retailers. Such high conversion rates will be extremely competitive compared to those on desktop.

For retailers that are not pure players, we can also consider Local Inventory Ads, which will tell users when a product is available in a store nearby. When such information is integrated with other Google products such as ‘Google Maps’, the process to acquire customers online and offline, will be much more efficient.

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