[Video] Google Shopping – How can you improve traffic acquisition

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As part of our partnership with PrestaShop, the open source software provider for creating and managing online businesses, we created 3 expert videos on Google Shopping.

In this series of videos, Rupesh Sharma – Director of Client Services at Twenga Solutions and SEM expert – explains how to succeed on Google Shopping through several key themes: The basics of Product Listing Ads, the rising popularity of Google Shopping for traffic acquisition and how some of the features in Google Shopping can be used to support acquisition. Rupesh also goes on to explain his 3 predictions for the future of Product Listing Ads and the outlook of the platform in 2016.

Video 3: Google Shopping – How can you improve traffic acquisition

Video content:

Search has dramatically changed over the years and we are now shifting from an analog keyword-based model towards a model which is heavily data-based.

While Google Shopping campaigns were traditionally managed at a category or even global level, we are now seeing advertisers use data to leverage the full potential of the platform. If e-retailers are to keep up with the competition, they will be required to adopt similar techniques.

At Twenga we believe that optimisation should be based on 3 levels:

When defining a bidding strategy, bids should be adapted for each and every product depending on their potential to generate business: What is the add to basket rate? How well does this product convert? These are the kind of questions we should be asking ourselves every time we set bids, and the multiple answers mean that we should be setting different bids for different products.

The same goes for audience segmentation. No user is the same, and intention to purchase varies from one user to the next, so it is important to dynamically profile using not only basic remarketing techniques, but also CRM data and calculated segments.

When these two factors are combined, we are able to dynamically recalculate bids to their actual worth and use advertising budgets optimally. Twenga currently calculates bids based on an average of 500,000 data points per day, per advertiser, and adjusts bids in real-time. For us, accelerating calculation and bid update rates is necessary to considerably increase the ROI on advertising campaigns–and it’s essentially the ultimate weapon to generate more sales!

As well as using these advanced algorithms, my 3 top tips for 2016 would be:

  1. Constantly check that your product feed is up-to-date, especially after drastic stock changes following recent sales
  2. Look at your geographic and mobile settings to make sure that you are not wasting any clicks
  3. And frequently check on Google and any updates it has made to Shopping. Without doing so, you may find that your feed is no longer valid and your products can’t appear on the platform.

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