SEM for e-commerce: Twenga Solutions launches a new algorithm for small-budget campaigns

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The advertising specialist for e-commerce launches a new Google Shopping algorithm, created especially for online retailers with smaller budgets.

 Twenga Solutions commercialises customer acquisition solutions for e-retailers of all sizes. The company has developed a new algorithm for retailers with smaller advertising budgets, but still wish to be present on Google Shopping to improve their visibility and attract new clients.

Acquisition challenges for small e-commerce websites

Twenga Solutions’ most recent survey revealed that customer acquisition is the single most important issue for online retailers and Google is the channel of choice, however; campaign optimisation strategies are very different according the amount of budget invested. According to the study, 87% of retailers in Europe have Search Marketing budgets of £5000 or less.


Retailers with large advertising budgets – of several thousand pounds for example – generally aim to improve their profitability. Small websites on the other hand, who start on Google Shopping with the absolute minimum budget on Google Shopping (several hundred pounds a month) are not able to use comparable strategies because their conversion rate is not high enough to optimise their campaigns. Put simply, they are unable to generate the right traffic and make a return on their marketing expenditure.

Better performance for lower budgets

To offer a viable solution to this problem, Twenga Solutions has developed a new algorithm to manage Google Shopping campaigns, based on one of the most pertinent performance indicators, which is of course traffic. For a given budget, the algorithm optimises campaigns to obtain the maximum amount of traffic for the lowest cost-per-click (CPC) possible. Bids are adjusted in real time to increase retailers’ traffic and optimise the profitability of their advertising budget.

Consequently, this new technology guarantees better performance for budgets as low as £30 per day. Online retailers who manage their Google Shopping campaigns with Twenga Solutions have already benefited from the impressive results:

  • The German website Four Seasons Clothing, who sells clothing and accessories, was able to notice a significant improvement in its customer acquisition via Google: “Since optimising our Search Marketing campaigns with Twenga Solutions, our traffic has increased by 20% while acquisition costs have remained stable.” states Sven Ludwig, CEO of
  • The Italian optical specialist,, was able to optimise its acquisition costs: “Twenga’s SEM solutions allowed us to improve our visibility on Google and thanks to the granular structure of campaigns, we saw a significant decrease in acquisition costs as well as an improvement in conversion rate.” Danilo Carta, E-commerce Manager at

Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

Twenga Solutions is a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. With the launch of this new algorithm, Twenga Solutions is able to fulfill its objective of facilitating access to Google’s advertising platform for e-commerce sites of all sizes.

“Half of retailers who use our solution are new-comers to Google Shopping and a good number of them do not have a compatible product feed. Even if this shopping platform is becoming a necessary part of e-retailer’s strategies, it remains a difficult platform to manage, therefore many turn to our expertise and technology to get started. Twenga Solutions has an offer that is adapted to retailers’ needs to maximise campaign results.” explains Bastien Duclaux, CEO and co-founder of Twenga Solutions.


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