Twenga raises 10 million euros from Idinvest Partners to accelerate its growth

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Twenga has announced a round of financing from Idinvest Partners with the view to develop its e-commerce traffic acquisition solutions on an international scale.


Twenga is revolutionising online acquisition

Founded by Bastien Duclaux and Cédric Anès in 2006, Twenga first started out as the most complete shopping search engine on the web with over 400 million products available with one single click. Twenga has radically changed its positioning over the last 3 years with the development of advanced audience acquisition technologies, providing connectivity to the most relevant advertising platforms for e-commerce.

Twenga has thus been commercialising a suite of solutions since mid-2014, allowing its 4000 e-retailer clients to drastically increase the return on their online advertising expenditure. The platform is based on a conversion prediction engine and uses more than 40 different factors to maximise campaigns’ ROI by precisely estimating intention to buy and closely monitoring performance from start to finish.

These solutions are separated into 2 offers: Smart LEADS, which is designed to deliver high-quality leads, and Smart SEM, which is focussed on optimising Paid Search budgets. Both of these offers are driven by clients’ targets based on ROI and Cost of Sale optimisation.

Twenga has already attracted over 200 new clients with these solutions, who have consequently seen revenue increase greatly over the last 6 months.

“We are convinced of the effectiveness of our solutions and we use a performance-based business model that is just as innovative as our technologies. The trust from Idinvest Partners, one of the leading venture capitalists in Europe, attests to the relevance of our business model and strategy.”
– Bastien Duclaux, CEO and Co-founder of Twenga

Ambitions for strong growth on an international scale

This investment will allow Twenga to significantly reinforce its workforce and accelerate the development of its acquisition solutions. The company currently has 150 employees and expects to employ a further 50 people this year in Engineering, Data Science, Marketing and Sales.

The French start-up also expects to greatly develop its presence internationally with this investment. Offices are already open in England and Germany, however the company also wishes to open offices in several other European countries by this summer.

“Idinvest is very pleased to accompany Twenga with its international strategy. This significant investment will allow Twenga to move up a gear. Through its technologies and algorithms, we are convinced that Twenga has strong potential for growth, especially concerning its optimisation solutions for Smart SEM campaigns.”
– Benoist Grossmann, Managing Partner at Idinvest

Discover Twenga’s new solutions

Cutting-edge Search Marketing and product ads solutions >>> Smart SEM

Unique search and display platform to boost sales and ROI>>> Smart LEADS


Cutting-edge Search Marketing and Product Ads solutions

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