Free PrestaShop modules for Google Shopping and AdWords by Twenga

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Last year, Twenga, the traffic acquisition solutions provider and PrestaShop, the open source software provider for creating and managing online businesses, announced their partnership to facilitate merchants’ access to advanced client acquisition solutions for e-commerce.

Today, Twenga is pleased to announce that their two latest products Smart FEED and Smart BID are available via PrestaShop and accompany an updated version of its Smart LEADS traffic acquisition module. Previously known as RTS – Ready To Sell, the existing module currently ranks in the top 10 module downloads in the ‘Price Comparison’ category.

What are modules and who uses them?

Modules or plugins are essentially add-ons or software that you can use in your platform in order to obtain expanded functionalities or connectivity.

Different e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Magento use plug-ins and modules to interact with other platforms.

Let’s say for example that you want to connect your PrestaShop site and products with Twenga and sell your products on its price comparison engine, its module makes this process possible.

Twenga’s modules with PrestaShop

Twenga’s e-commerce modules for PrestaShop are quick and easy to use: you can get started in just a few clicks and accessing its modules is free of charge. What’s more, all of its modules are available on the French, Italian, Spanish, German, British, Dutch and Polish markets.

Smart LEADS: a module to index your products on Twenga’s price comparison sites and multiple acquisition channels. Twenga’s advanced tracking analyses your products and segments users to only show the most relevant offers to highly qualified traffic.

Smart FEED: a module to automate and optimise your Google Shopping/Merchant Center campaigns. Your campaigns are completely automated in Google Shopping to manage bids, predict intention to buy, optimize merchant product feeds & keywords, segment users and monitor performance without your intervention.

Smart BID: a module to automate your Google AdWords campaigns. This bid management system is easily integrated into your existing AdWords campaigns to immediately boost your ROI.


Get started with PrestaShop modules from Twenga Solutions

Referencing your online business on Twenga Solutions has never been easier! Merchants can access the Twenga module free of charge by following these steps:

▪Install the module

▪Create a new Twenga Solutions account or configure an existing one

▪Finalise your set-up

Smart LEADS: Index your products on Twenga with PrestaShop

Smart FEED: Google Shopping for PrestaShop

Smart BID: AdWords for PrestaShop


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