PriceMinister halves its acquisition costs with Smart LEADS

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Created in 2001 and currently one of the e-commerce leaders in France, is an online market place for individuals and professionals. Offering everything from household appliances to high-tech, fashion, beauty and toys, the site has over 200 million new, used and even collectable products. PriceMinister also hosts a community of over 20 million members.

In 2010 PriceMinister joined the Japanese group Rakuten, a global e-commerce player which is present in 28 countries. Its goal? Grow on an international scale and become the e-commerce leader in France. To accelerate this growth, the company was looking for a high-performance solution to optimise its client acquisition.


PriceMinister uses Smart LEADS Access, an advanced e-commerce lead generation solution which targets millions of users via a unique platform. All of this is done while respecting PriceMinister’s profitability targets.

Smart LEADS Access analyses and segments audiences on some of the main advertising channels, the Twenga price comparison sites and on its premium partner network to identify customers with the highest intention to buy. Thanks to its product catalogue scoring, the platform shows offers with the highest conversion potential to qualified visitors only, this with the aim to maximise campaigns’ ROI.

Wanting to increase volume and optimise its campaign’s ROI, PriceMinister moved to Smart LEADS Advanced in 2014, which allowed it to increase the number of indexed products on the acquisition platform from 1.5 to 5 million products.


After activating Smart LEADS, PriceMinister saw its Cost of Sales cut in half:



“Since activating Smart LEADS, our campaign’s Cost of Sales has been halved. This result has convinced us of the relevancy of this algorithm and played a role in our decision to invest further with Twenga.”

–  Grégoire Firome, Acquisition Project Leader at PriceMinister


Following these persuasive results from Smart LEADS, PriceMinister will continue to develop its acquisition campaigns with Twenga to become number 1 on the French e-commerce market.


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