Twenga launches Smart SEM and Smart Leads

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In a climate where e-commerce competition intensifies by the day, the performance of online advertising campaigns has become a strategic challenge. More than ever, it is all about increasing sales and recruiting new clients, all while carefully managing acquisition costs to maximise margins.

In light of this, Twenga has launched two new solutions, Smart SEM and Smart LEADS, which dramatically increase revenue and return on investment (ROI) for an e-retailer’s advertising expenditure. These two solutions incorporate unique algorithms and an innovative technical platform that combine the advanced profiling of a merchant’s products and their audience.

Smart SEM by Twenga: Search Marketing automation and management of both long tail and ROI

Using e-retailer’s catalogues, Smart SEM automatically creates an extended database of keywords. The optimisation technology then generates millions of ads and matches them with as many dynamically created, relevant landing pages as possible.

Smart SEM allows e-retailers to rank very specific expressions with high conversion potential, known as the ‘long tail’, by only showing relevant products. The system is continuously carrying out A/B tests on all important aspects to drive enhanced advertising performance. Bids are automatically set and adjusted as necessary for each visit, taking into account data collected in real time.

Client case:


“Twenga’s 100% automated SEM solution has allowed us to grow our revenue while staying in control of our profitability. Our exposure is much larger thanks to a perpetually evolving keyword base. The dynamic landing pages allow for a much more precise targeting of our offers with visitors’ queries, bids are adjusted in real time and we save considerable time and resources.” Nicolas Guelle, CEO of

Smart LEADS: connect the best products with the best audiences

Smart LEADS delivers an e-retailer’s immediate advertising campaign optimisation on Twenga, where the primary goal setting is now based on Cost of Sale (COS). This unique type of performance management in the advertising industry frees the merchant from cost per click constraints, because Smart LEADS uses dynamic pricing to maximise business under COS objectives.

“Our solution has had great success, surpassing our initial expectations. In less than 4 months, more than 120 of our merchants, including many ‘blue chip’ e-retailers, have already subscribed to Smart LEADS. Many of these merchants have succeeded in multiplying their revenue from Twenga between 400% and 600%.” Mike Keaton, VP Sales at Twenga.

Client case study:


“Since the beginning of our Smart LEADS campaign, volume of traffic has been multiplied by nearly 3 and our turnover generated by Twenga has been multiplied by 6. We are impressed by the platform innovation, the complete understanding of our needs and the quality of our campaign follow-up.” Philippe de Chanville, Co-founder at

Towards a new suite of expert client acquisition solutions

“Consistent with our mission to help e-retailers sell better and more, Twenga’s Smart LEADS and Smart SEM solutions represent real innovation in the market. These are the first products coming out of the acquisition and targeting know-how that we have developed these past years. We will shortly be announcing other pioneering and innovative new products.” Bastien Duclaux, CEO of Twenga.

These new acquisition solutions for e-retailers are now available throughout Europe.


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