Fourseasonsclothing doubles its revenue on Google Shopping and AdWords

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Target is a German online retailer for streetwear, selling clothing, shoes and accessories as well as a large selection of graffiti products by the brand Montana Cans.

While the retail store was founded in 2006, the e-commerce site was not created until 2014. When launched, emphasis was placed on a very simple and functional webpage design that focuses on the product and provides an optimal shopping experience for the customer.

Fourseasonsclothing wanted to significantly increase its customer acquisition by using Search Marketing, but had quickly reached its capacity in terms of campaign management. Since the beginning of 2016, the retailer has been working with Twenga Solutions to benefit from the company’s expertise and to optimise its performance on Google Shopping and AdWords.


Fourseasonsclothing has been using Smart FEED for Google Shopping and Smart BID for AdWords for several months now. Both solutions use advanced tracking that is installed on the retailer’s site to analyse its catalogue and the buying habits of its customers. Based on the data obtained through this tracking, Twenga Solutions’ algorithms calculate the optimal bid for each product (Google Shopping) or keyword (AdWords) and adapt them in real-time – depending on the purchase intention of the user and the potential of the product to generate revenue.

Smart BID for Google AdWords is easily integrated into existing campaigns and instantly optimises  bidding for improved ROI. Smart FEED for Google Shopping is an even more comprehensive solution and also improves the product feed of the retailer (structure, product photos, descriptions etc.) to achieve better performance.

Fourseasonsclothing also benefits from a new algorithm that Twenga Solutions developed specifically for small and medium-sized e-commerce sites with a starting budget of 30 pounds per day on the platform and whose campaigns cannot be optimised following the same strategy as larger retailers, whose budgets amount to several thousand pounds per day.


Thanks to Twenga Solutions, Fourseasonsclothing quickly improved its performance on Google Shopping and AdWords and increased its sales by almost 200%.

Foruseasonsclothing also saw an important increase in its conversion rates, which are now stable for its AdWords campaigns between 15% and 23%. From the outset, Twenga Solutions was able to stay below the retailer’s predefined targets for this metric.

The optimisation of the ROI of the retailer’s Google Shopping campaigns was also significant: it increased from 23% in June 2015 to 42% in March 2016.


“We almost doubled our revenue and our conversion rate improved significantly with Twenga’s SEM solutions! We are very pleased with the solutions for Google Shopping and AdWords.”

– Sven Ludwig, CEO of


Fourseasonclothing wishes to continue the collaboration with Twenga to continuously optimise its campaigns and further increase sales. The retailer is even planning to increase its advertising budget on Google Shopping and AdWords, if the results stay this positive.


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