E-retailers: Why automate your advertising campaigns?

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The digital world is growing and becoming more and more complex. Faced with competition, succeeding in e-commerce activity is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to product quality and customer loyalty techniques, innovation and differentiation are required. In this environment e-retailers find themselves having to manage several activities including advertising campaigns. The management of the latter requires a lot of time and skills. It is clear that one doesn’t just improvise an AdWords expert, Google Shopping, etc …

Have you ever heard about automated advertising solutions? What are the benefits for e-retailers? Here are our tips to take full advantage of these solutions and improve the performance of your online store!

  • Time saving

Campaign management is known to require a significant investment of time each week to create, optimize, and manage ads based on bids and keywords. In addition, if you have a catalogue with a lot of products, it becomes difficult to manage ads manually for each item and this is an obstacle to performance.

Automation drastically reduces the number of required interventions in order to optimize campaigns, regardless of the size of your catalogue. By continuously acting, it allows teams to focus on higher-value tasks. The result: you can save time and increase the profitability of your campaigns.

  • Increase your turnover

A better budget allocation allows you to obtain very profitable results for your on-line shop. Here are the testimonials of our customers:

Capitaine Matelas increased its sales on Google Shopping by 63%
Berceau Magique reduced its COS by 33%
The Jewel Hut saw a 21% decrease in CPA

With the creation of a much finer campaign structure and real-time data, the Smart FEED solution by Twenga increases spending on the most profitable products, ensuring that the budget is better used and turnover as well as ROI increase.



  • Improved performance

The powerful algorithms of automated solutions make it possible to achieve better results. This technology constantly analyses your campaigns based on different indicators (historical product performance, user purchase intention, seasonality, time of day and other factors that may impact conversion) by recalculating and constantly adapting bids according to the potential for generating turnover.


  • Managing according to retailer needs

The automation offered by Twenga takes into account the peculiarities of your business sector and your objectives as a merchant. With the Smart FEED solution you can choose your expenses by brand and by category and simply manage your campaigns in the logic of your catalogue and according to your daily needs.




  • A real-time update

Automated management allows real-time updating of your campaigns based on your merchant catalogue (promotions, product availability, etc.).


Smart FEED solution by Twenga

Thanks to its technologies and 10 years of experience in e-commerce, Twenga Solutions offers merchants the opportunity to focus on strategy, planning and optimization of their advertising campaigns. With Twenga’s advanced solutions, you can track and manage your Shopping campaigns as well as your AdWords ads. All this thanks to Smart FEED and Smart BID, two automated solutions for e-retailers, aimed at generating traffic on their web sites and increasing their sales thanks to optimized advertising campaigns, automatically and in real time, notably on Google Shopping and AdWords.


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