[Video] Round table with The Drum: the changing role of Search Marketing

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On Wednesday 13th November 2015, Twenga Solutions attended The Drum’s latest breakfast for industry leaders to discuss the changing role of search.

Amongst others, some of the key points to take away from the discussion included the amount of work that is still required to achieve ‘good search’, the importance of automation and how we are shifting from an analog, keyword-based model, to a model that is primarily based on data.

Hedley Aylott, Founder & CEO at Summit Media explained the importance of demographics and how it is now about acquiring customers, not just sales. He went on to explain how we can use data to make more powerful and meaningful decisions.

Gaël De Vos from Twenga Solutions also mentions the significance of data and how e-commerce solution providers should integrate CRM data into their Google Shopping Product Ads solutions for example, in order to hand advertisers levers that can actually activate in their search campaigns.

View the key highlights from The Drum’s search breakfast in the video below:

Once again, thank you to The Drum for organising the event and to all attendees for their interest in the future of Search Marketing and how we can optimise this channel for 2016. For further reading, don’t forget to check out our Google Shopping guide for e-retailers.


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