Capitaine Matelas increases its revenue on Google Shopping by 63%

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Overview specializes in the online sale of bedding products and offers a wide selection of mattresses, box springs, furniture and decoration accessoires. Thanks to its good knowledge of the market, Capitaine Matelas offers selected products from well-known bedding brands at very attractive prices compared to their competitors.


Already present with advertising campaigns on Google, Capitaine Matelas decided in January 2016 to use the expertise of Twenga Solutions to optimize their performance on this essential acquisition channel, notably on Google Shopping.

Capitaine Matelas wanted a solution that enabled it to make the management of their campaigns more efficient and that took into consideration the peculiarities of its sector: very recurring promotional actions and a relatively long purchase cycle. With Twenga, the retailer wanted to generate more qualified traffic from Google, achieve its goal of Cost of Sales and thus significantly improve the profitability of their campaigns.


Capitaine Matelas chose the Smart FEED solution by Twenga, that largely automates the campaign management on Google Shopping. With Smart FEED, Twenga has completely revised the management of Capitaine Matelas campaigns to optimize their performance:

  • More refined campaigns

In order to manage the campaigns more effectively, Twenga completely reorganized the account of Capitaine Matelas by creating a much finer structure that corresponded its catalogue. This new ultra-granular structure allows the solution’s algorithms to drive performance to the finest level and give more visibility to products that best convert in order to achieve better results. This approach is particularly relevant to Capitaine Matelas’s business logistics, because the products to promote on Google Shopping vary greatly depending on its promotional activities.

  • Optimized targeting for more qualified traffic

The flagship category of the retailer is obviously mattresses, a product where the purchase cycle can be relatively long. It is all the more important to optimize the campaign’s targeting to the maximum and focus on the users who are more advanced in their purchase cycle and more qualified. For this reason, Twenga has set up re-targeting lists (RLSAs), based on the users’s qualification level.

  • Bidding to a finest level

The new granular structure of Capitaine Matelas’s campaigns as well as the segmentation of users according to their level of qualification make it possible to control performance more accurately. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, Smart FEED automatically adjusts bids for all ad groups, which are continuously recalculated according to the historical performance of the product, user purchase intention, seasonality, time of day and other factors that may impact conversion.


Once Capitaine Matelas started using Smart FEED in January 2016, the client quickly saw a positive impact on its results on Google Shopping. Thanks to the solution, its campaigns are profitable and it has reached its Cost of Sales goals. In addition, its turnover on the platform increased by 63% when compared to the previous year.


« We decided to use the Smart FEED solution by Twenga to maximise performance of our Google Shopping campaigns. We achieved our goal f Cost of Sales while significantly increasing our revenue on the platform. Satisfied with the performance obtained through Twenga Solutions, we plan to increase our budget on Google Shopping. » – William Toulemonde, Traffic Manager at Capitaine Matelas

Campaign Prospects

Satisfied with these positive results, Capitaine Matelas has chosen to continue its collaboration with Twenga Solutions. With this in mind, to further boost the performance of its campaigns, the client plans to increase its Google Shopping budget. The retailer also successfully uses the Smart BID solution to manage its AdWords campaigns.


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