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Our solutions guarantee your e-commerce clients a superiour level of service, all while saving you a significant amount of money and resources. We take care of the operational side of things with granular optimisation that is not possible to do manually, giving you more time to spend on perfecting your strategy.

Improve performance

As an e-commerce expert, Twenga Solutions offers automation solutions to optimise the results of your SEA campaigns. You can use the most advanced technology on the market and maintain control of operations, thanks to our interface and the support provided by our teams.

Our SEM solutions:

Google Adwords

Smart BID for Google Adwords

Twenga Solutions is not an agency. Rather than creating and structuring AdWords campaigns, we optimise them using powerful algorithms. Improve the profitability of your online retailers' campaigns and boost their performance!

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Google Shopping

Smart FEED for Google Shopping

More and more online retailers are transferring their AdWords budgets to Google Shopping. Managing Shopping campaigns is more complex, so Twenga Soltuions can help you to not only create your e-commerce clients' Google Shopping campaigns, but also to optimise product feeds and to automate bids at a granular level.

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